This is one of our guest's bike. We like those sports travellers a lot.
They always bring good energy to our little guest house!  

2013 Taitung Puyama International Triathlon, May 18 and 19th

Triathletes, come and stay with us for the 2013 Taitung Puyama International Triathlon May 18th and 19th. I will also be taking part in the 51.5km triathlon, its going to be some fun!


We will be offering a special triathlon breakfast for those athletes that wish, as we know how hard it is to get up, try and find breakfast and finish it 2 hours before the event begins. The meals are light,simple, nutritious and designed to give you enough energy, but not to bog you down, as the last thing you want when you jump into the lake is a toasted egg sandwich sitting in your guts.

Breakfast will include:


Option 1 - I need solids: Toasted Bagel, peanut butter (or jam and butter or any combination of these), banana and fresh juice


Option 2: I still prefer cereal: Oats, raisons, banana, and honey with milk or soy milk, and fresh juice


Option 3 The liquid diet: Shake with milk, banana, fruit.


Fresh strong coffee is optional with all meals depending whether you want to try to sneak more sleep after breakfast or not!


Breakfast will be served 2.5 hours before the event starts to make sure you aren’t bloated at the start.. Breakfast will be an additional 150NT per person.



As another option, on the evening after the event, we will be heading over to Zhiben to the hot springs to soak our tired limbs. Anyone who wishes is welcome to join us.


Finally, if anyone has any questions about the course please let me know. At least for the 51.5km I am pretty familiar with it, and we’ll try our best to find out about the details of the 113 km.


Good luck with your training and hope to see you in Taitung!


If you are interesed in this activity, please contact with


Mark: 0912-316-708
Kite : 0988-710-814




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